Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I almost never win anything. But I did win a very cool book called RULEBREAKER from the fabulous Natalie Damschroder's blog contest. Cathy Pegau is the author and she sent me the book immediately with a very nice thank you for entering. After downloading it to my NOOK, I opened that baby up and got SUCKED IN!!!! Holy cow and thank goodness I had nothing else to do :) The action was great, the mystery fabulous, the world magnificent and the romance was very well done. If you read the blurb you will see that the romance is between two women. At first I was not sure about this since I had never read one of those beofre, but she did such a great job and isn't love just love? So run out and buy this (or sit in your comfy pants and let your fingers do the clicking) Here are some links for you to get you started...
Facebook page
You can buy RULEBREAKER from any of the following links by clicking on the company - I'm easy like that! LOL!
Carina Press 

You won't be disappointed! And let her know I sent you when you're done :)


Thursday, September 01, 2011


You know, music has been a part of my life since I was little - apparently I even went to an Aerosmith concert when I was still in utero. My mom says I had rhythm back then though you can't always believe her when she says I kicked her in the ribs to the time of Dream On. In talking with my mother on the phone right now, here is another piece of trivia - I went around singing Cocaine by Eric Clapton at the age of about 2 and Janie's Crying by Van Halen. I rock!

Anyway, I also used to take voice lessons and sang Italian Opera, doing it justice by making my ninth grade recital goers cry though they did not understand the words. And the list goes on... Topped by a very rare recording of me singing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow to my grandfather and thinking that Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton was actually I Was In The Street, That Was Where I was. This is gold, people!

All that to say that my Brother who calls himself Shine - though my mom did not actually go that far off field with first names after coming up with Misty from a Led Zep song - has come out with two new songs and a redo of an older one. Take a listen and find him online to show your appreciation! Click here to get the link, kiddies!