Monday, January 24, 2011

My Butt in My Chair

You know, it is always so amazing to me. I have this incredible capacity to come up with reasons and excuses not to write. I can talk myself into or out of nearly anything. I have justifications and explanations out the wazoo. I'm creative like that.

And then one day, I tell myself, "Self," (and yes I do talk to myself out loud as if I was someone else!). Anyway, I say, "Self, you will get your butt in that chair for the next twenty minutes. You may not under any circumstances get up from that chair for twenty minutes even if your hair is on fire. The extinguisher is within reaching distance from the chair."

And I grumble and I buck but then I sit down in the chair and lo and behold, I write. I write and I write and then it's an hour later and I think why in the hell does this have to be such a struggle when these moments are golden?

Of course not all moments are golden and sometimes I sit there and stare off into space for twenty minutes, literally dancing in my seat waiting for the timer to go off like some kid in time-out. But today...well today was an I Heart Writing day. I hope tomorrow is too.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great blog to check out!

Hey everyone! My friend Alli is interviewing Jessica Anderson along with a slew of other award winning authors at her blog this week. Check it out at :

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Tooth of January

My grandfather was very big on number and the funny things about them. Yesterday would have made him ecstatic. 1/1/11 was one of his favorites. We always watched the clock for it to turn to 11:11 because then you could make a wish. He had random facts stuffed in his noggin about various number and word things. I will be sharing some of them throughout the year. He has been gone for six years now and finally I'd liked to share some of him with the world. My unsung hero.

Number fact: There will not be another date on the calendar with all odd numbers until 1/1/3111. The last was 11/19/1999. I don't think I'll be around at that point :) Unless I let someone freeze dry my head and then reattach me to a very hot young bod years and years later!


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey there, party people! I hope everyone is recovered from hangovers and family-overloads and various other issues that jsut happen to coincide with the holidays in all their glory! :)

If you are on Facebook, I just wanted to let you know that I am now over there under Misty Simon. I think I might have posted once here about the FrontierVille addiction but I had not said how to find me :)

I was happy to usher out 2010 last night and welcome with open arms 2011. I hope this is a fabulous year for you and yours. I have plans to start a new path (or resume an old one, depending on how you look at it). We have several changes coming up this year and I look forward to them.

Bring it 2011!