Thursday, August 18, 2011

A bit of a recap

So, it's been over a week and so much has happened, I thought I would recap :)

Tuesday 8/9 - car accident, ugh! Not at fault thank you very much. Then much fun and love as I got to see JASON MANNS!!!!!! in NY with my roadtrip epic bitches. SO MUCH FUN! Love me some Jason, but also just the very experience of eight hours of car trip with nary a moment of silence :) Go Megan with her mad NY driving skills!
Wednesday 8/10 - got a rental Caddy - do they think I'm high maintenance? Drop my poor baby van at the autobody and hope I will see it again. Work in the evening when I don't normally work
Thursday 8/11 - worked when I never work
Friday 8/12 - worked again in the evening when I do not usually work (I'm sensing a pattern).
Saturday 8/13 - Get ready for the beach!!!!!
Sunday 8/14 - GO TO THE BEACH!!!!! We left at o'dark thirty since the child thinks that is great fun then got stuck in torrential rain. But it was a blast!
Through to today stayed at the beach and it was wonderful though I didn't get to do all the stuff I normally do since I am a hurting puppy (reference car accident on 8/9) but it's all good.
And now I am back home and happy for it. My child stayed at the beach for a little while longer and yours truly is going to take advantage of that time to get this revise and resubmit finished and back to the publlisher. I hope they LOVE it!

Also, one more thing, thank you to all the people who voted for Strings Attached as favorite sweetheart review over at The Romacne Studio! I won and now my book is on the front page of their website. YAY!

That's it for now. I hope I will have some good progress to report after this weekend and then on to a new project. I'm going to be mentored for the month of September to see if I can take my game to the next level. Here's sending positive thoughts out to the universe that it works :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Requesting Votes...

Following up on the great review I also have a chance to win the Favorite Review of the Week!

I've never done this before so be gentle with me :) Seriously, though, since I got a 5 heart review at The Romance Studio  for STRINGS ATTACHED that apparently puts me up for the Favorite 5 Heart Review at their website. If I win I get put up on the main page with links and book cover. If you have time and would like to vote that would be stupendous! Here's the link or you can just click here!

Misty :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Great new review

Today I received a really great review for my latest book Strings attached and thought I would share it. I love The Romance Studio! A huge thank you to Camilla for her time and effort and then a big smooshy hug for liking it after reading :) You can read the 5 heart review here!

Needless to say (but I will say it anyway!) I am thrilled. I'm so happy she "got" my story. For as much as I call what I write broad fiction, I really like to think of it as people falling in love while life happens all around them. So thank you again, Camilla :)

In other news, I am nearly done with a rewrite that I was asked to revise and resubmit and will hopefully have news on other books coming out soon.

Stay tuned and stay cool!