Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking at my Reviews

So this might sound egotistical or even just strange, but that is nothing new here :) I've had a lot of stuff going on personally and am finding that writing recently is like pulling teeth - love that phrase! I have the will, I have the story, but actually sitting down and writing it is just not happening. That's not the strange part. What I do about it might be considered odd. I go back over my positive reviews from previous books and boost myself. I know, I know, there's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes I feel like I'm being too sefl-indulgent. The thing is, though, it has helped. There are people out there who have read my work and not vomited!!! LOL!

***Pity party officially over***

The point of this is that it is not easy to write. Some days it flows right out of your head and onto the page like divine inspiration. Those are the awesome days. But I think the true strength of a writer is shown when it is like pulling teeth but you still get in there with your pliers and go to work.

Have a good day! I'm planning on it :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sufficiently Candied

OY VEY!!!! I love me some peanut butter eggs but I am sugared and chocolated out! I didn't know it was possible but this year there was just too much candy!!!

In my news: I am almost done with my new book with The Wild Rose Press. I'm having a blast on Romance Book Junction (which I think I might have mixed up the words in a previous post. If you couldn't get there, try, try again). I'm also in the process of writing my next book-a funny paranormal. I'm about a third of the way through so I have to get back into gear.

Had a great easter and I hope everyone else did, too. For those who celebrate Passover or another holiday at this time that I'm not aware of, I hope you enjoyed that too. I'm so happy it is SPRING!!!!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party all the time!

That song used to abslutely kill me...My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tii-iime. LOL. I won't sing anymore just in case I make that song loop in your mind all day :)

So today I will be partying most of the day. Lots of relatives are either already here or on their way. Oy, family! I don't plan on writing today but am firmly entrenched in the ms so shouldn't have any trouble getting back into it come Monday. I'm having a blast with this story and hope it is as amusing as *I* think it is ;)

I just joined a new site called Romance Junction Books through invitation from my friend Alayne Adams. It's a great social site for romance readers and writers. I recommend going over and checking it out at Some great authors over there and it looks like the creator Victoria Purling has many exciting things in store coming up. So hop on over, check out yours truly and see what's the haps. I don't think yuo'll be disappointed. :)

We'll chat more tomorrow!


Friday, March 14, 2008


Lots of good things going on. My youngest brother just moved into the area and we've been having a good time hanging out. My daughter's birthday is coming up, so I'm getting ready for that. And this weekend is a huge family weekend. Whee!

I turned in the next Ivy book to Draumr and hear that I will have the same cover artist ehich is AWESOME!!! I love Patricia Storms. If you haven't seen her work other than my covers, you really should go check her out.

I'm working on my next manuscript. Did over 3000 words yesterday and think I have the flow going again - total relief. I hope to have it done about mid-April, then editing, then who knows? But I will be going on a writing retreat in May and want to write something new there, so that's my goal. Yippee!

Also, I JUST CONTRACTED ANOTHER BOOK!!! Woo-Hooo!!! It's called A Mother's Heart and you can see the art for it on the side bar. I think the artist did a fantastic job with the concept. Love the dog! I have to label it as Coming Soon because I don't know the exact release date yet, but I'll post when I do. It will be an ebook first so you can have the convenience of buying it at 3 in the morning if that's when your credit card calls to you :) Or your reading necessities. I'll post blurb and stuff later, but if you want to see more on it, you can go to The Wild Rose Press site at

Have fun and we'll talk more later!