Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Part 4: The Brotherhood of the Tear Away Pants

Why am I always last?!?!?! It's because I procrastinate...I know this well. So, here we are days after the event but I still get a little high when I think about the night Megan, Natalie, Vicki and I went to an all make review with Megan's sister Whitney who was ultra awesome to have gotten us tickets! Weeeee!

I think the other ladies (okay ladies!) have done the ranting I would have done and have done, so I'm just going to talk about the silly. Can we say cheesy? Now I know that the ladies go there to have some fun and I had a blast but some of the stuff they did was more funny than sexy. And if I had to hear one more time about buying a t-shirt...Well, it wouldn't have been pretty. I kept yelling "PANTS OFF!" and yet they never really did take their pants off. Hmmm. Although, the cowboy dance was absolutely to die for. And the part where I got slid across the chests of several men to stand at the correct place in our group picture will forever stay with me. The bar guy Nat was talking about thought I wanted to squeeze his butt though really I was just freaking him behind his back. LOL :)

So that was my night out with the ladies (okay ladies!) and I got a squishy hug which you can see on my new slide show at myspace. Enjoy. I did.