Thursday, June 21, 2007

End of Contest :)

Well, I had three books to give away and three comments on my various blogs, so it looks like my kid doesn't have to pick names out of a hat :) Winners are Laney from myspace and Barrie and Alli from Blogger. Congrats, ladies!!! Let me know where to send them and you get SHINY NEW IVY'S!!!

In other news, today is Jubilee day here in town and I think our normal population is somewhere in the low 20Ks. My understanding is that there could be as many as an additional 90K here today. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Maybe I can sell some more books :) LOL.

And in even other news, I started a new book called It Ain't Broke and am a solid 15 pages in. Not going to hot rod it with this one. I figure anything upward of five pages a day works for me. So that's all from my little corner. Oh, except that there will be new links posted soon for friends blogs I love to read. Don't forget to check over there and follow the bread crumbs to some fabulous authors.

Take care,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


All right, so I went MIA (and why does it feel like I say that a little too often?) and now I am back again. Shiny New Release Day was fantastic. That weekend I had my monthly RWA meeting and took some books with me. There was a line at the front table which I thought was for the raffle tickets. Turned out it was people waiting to get a signed copy of SOSD!!!! How freaking cool is that? I felt like a STAHHHH!!! And I'm still selling them.

But for you, dear blog readers, I am running the contest that should have run last week (I know I'm bad but at least I 'fess up to it) and here is my burning question. What is the best and/or worst cliche you've ever heard? I love 'em and want some more of 'em. So wow me. Post here and I'll take everyone's name, jumble them up, have my kid pick three (yes I said three) and get some winners! I love winners. You love to be winners. Put your favorite cliche in the comments and we'll get along fine.

Later Gator,

Friday, June 01, 2007

Shiny New Release Day!

So yesterday was SHINY NEW RELEASE DAY for Something Old Something Dead. And I gotta tell you, I don't think I've had a better day in a long time. The books came to my door right before I had to go pick up the kid, so I got to take one with me to the school and show it off. The clothes I ordered for RWA Nationals showed up on the doorstep too and everything fits (unheard of!). And then I got a fantastic review posted over at Fallen Angels Reviews for Reignited - five, count them, five angels. baby!!! Woot! Then I finished my latest book, typing the end yesterday afternoon.

And if that wasn't enough, I then got to go lay brick in my friend Vicki's backyard for her patio. Seriously?!?!?! you say. And I say heck yeah! And it was a blast even though her husband had to watch every brick I laid :) He wasn't that bad, but it was a close thing :)

Had a fantastic day and counting on enjoying the rest of the week. I hope you do the same. And come back tomorrow because it will be contest day here in blogland and a shiny new book is the prize!