Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Triumphant Return

I think this makes it fourteen or fifteen times I've triumphantly returned. We won't talk about the not so triumphant ones, okay?

News: I had an absolute blast at RWA Nationals, got me a zebra striped cowboy hat from my friend Meri, saw people I haven't seen in a year, made new friends and got to meet Alfie Thompson who so totally rocks almost as much as her fantabulous book Lights! Camera! Fiction! A Movie Lover's Guide to Writing a Novel. If this book is not on your shelf then shame on you! It's wonderful and a complete keeper. And I got a kiss from her when I said I had it, but I'm not going to tell you where since I am a woman of mystery and I don't want to wound Alfie's great reputation :) LOL. Let me have my fun. I also got to meet Kathy Carmichael who also rocks. I got to hang out with Donna Bagdasarian (who is magnificent) and get an elevator story with Kelly Mortimer. I got to stand close to Chris Keesler and I told him I was taking him home in my bag :) It was a fantastic week. Oh, and I sold out at the Literacy book signing for charity. What a wonderful feeling.

And now I'm back to real life. I've done some critiquing for friends, written some and polished a manuscript called What's Life Without the Sprinkles and am writing something I call Twice on a Blue Moon. Basically having a blast and happy to be back.

How's everyone else doing? You okay there, out in blogland? I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to drop a line :)