Thursday, June 24, 2010

Progress is gooooooood

for the liver.

Seriously though, I managed to cut an entire chapter of the manuscript today and start somewhere completely new. I wrote two new pages which I haven't done in a while now with everything we've had going on. I won't say I'm back in the groove since that would be a lie for what my groove used to be. And yet I feel hopeful because I might be nearing the groove :) That's always a good thing.

Nearly groovy=good

So good it is :)

Have a good night.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writing, Playing and Figuring Stuff out

So HELLO! How's everyone doing? Summer is finally upon us and I am feeling good. I have a book that needs to be seriously edited/rewritten/revised that hopefully will come out from Draumr Publishing in the next six or seven months called Strings Attached. It's part of a series that Rida Allen started with The Crooner. Good stuff that! My hero is a guitar player which is a career I've never written before. And I think my heroine has just become an electrician instead of a magazine writer. LOL!

I'm also working on writing the text/story for an online game. If you've never played a hidden object game I suggest you go at least play a free trial over at or Spin Top Games. Both great places with a lot of fantastic games. So back to my part. Orchid Games, who has put out several beautiful Solitaire games asked me to help them write a hidden object game that has really turned into an adventure game. The experience has been very cool! I never have had to depend on only dialogue to convey the story and let me tell you it is HARD to make a romance happen when you primarily have them talking to each other through letters and tubes! I can't wait for it to come out! We're almost done :)

I also have a submission out with a newer digital publisher that I am waiting for word on, though I don't expect to hear anything until August on that.

And finally, I am targeting Superromance with my next new project. This line at Harlequin has been my favorite for years! I flirted with submitting to them before and have received several very positive rejections from them over the years but I've never submitted consistently to them. I hope to do so with my current project. I love the stories they put out and would be proud to call myself one of their authors! There I said it, and now that it is in black and white I feel like I've solidified it for myself.

Phew! That was a long post after a long absence. :) If you've read this blog at all, you'll know that I hate to say I'm going to do this more often because I always end up disappointing myself. But I will say I'm going to try now that I have some really positive stuff going on and hoping to make more positives happen.

Take care,