Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Heart Jason Manns

Woo-hoo 3 months! Can you say slacker? Because I can.

But enough with the guilt. I come to you today with very exciting news! I got to see Jason Manns LIVE! For the second time! In Philly!

Why, you ask, is this worthy of so many !!! Well, go check him out and then tell me that you didn't squee. He is one of the most generous, giving, kind people I have ever met. He has a beautiful voice that is rich and pure. And though he said he never formally took guitar lessons, he can certainly accompany himself to the point where you wouldn't even guess. He sings of life and love and journeys and want and so many other true and heartfelt things. His lyrics have a poignant-ness to them that draws you right in. I got a chance to speak with him after the show and he was such a nice guy. Not to mention very tolerant of some of the nonsense that went on during the show.

And to top it all off I got to see him with Natalie, Megan and Vicki. We had a blast of a road trip, ate a wonderful dinner (that I of course was picky while ordering) and some much deserved play time. Can't beat that with a stick!

As part of the evening (because I can never have an outing without some form of ridiculousness) I got approached by two men seconds after getting out of the car. They wanted change. I can't resist. Gave them $0.57. Then 30 seconds after that got another request, filled that one too.

And to cherry the whole night was the guy standing outside talking on his cell about how he didn't read a contract and now he found out he wasn't old enough to do something and he had even bought a bright pink button-down shirt to match his drink. This of course intrigued me. So every time I got a chance to go outside (whenever I wouldn't be missing Jason playing), I went back out in hopes pink shirt would be there. And he was! From what I could piece together, it seems he had entered some kind of drink mixing contest. He had won the chance to mix at the bar, but then found out in the contract (that he had let his friend read who hadn't caught this fact) that he was not old enough to actually do this. He was f*ing pissed as he said into his phone a number of times while pacing the sidewalk out front and smoking a cigarette. He was especially pissed because he had bought a shirt that matched his drink. Jaysus! He even wanted to go so far as to tell another man inside the bar (who was old enough) that he should roll up his sleeves to mix his drink because it would make him more marketable! WTF? LOL! Anyway, drink boy didn't get to compete though he definitely felt he was the most marketable of the bunch, though I don't understand what makes you marketable while mixing some new fangled Cosmo or whatever. What exactly are you marketing and for what purpose?

Anyway, so I go away for three months and come pour all this out. Just had to share though. Talk to you soon. And go buy something by Jason Manns. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

And since I suck at linking and doing other savvy stuff, go to Nat, Megan or Vicki's page through the side bar and check out the video. Awesemo!