Friday, November 30, 2007

Working Hard, but no excuses

Okay, I'm not going to try to make excuses this time for my absence from the blogging world. It happened, let's move on since I get no good doggie biscuits for being gone for so long!

In my world - I did a fantastic book fair in Maryland at the end of September, had a fabulous time and got to talk to lots of people and sell books. In October I went to a Out for Lunchevent sponsored by THe Patriot News and had a blast talking to over 700 women and selling more books! Halloween was a freaking blast and if I can figure out how to put pictures up I will. I'm the one in the French clown outfit though my daughter kept calling me a mime! In November, the lovely Rida (publisher extraordinairre) contracted a book with me and my two very good friends Victoria Smith and Vicky Burkholder. It's a fabulous anthology of shifter stories called The Shape of Love. Keep your eye out for more news! And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving because I did :)

And now we move into the holiday season. Mine's going to be crazy, but I'll be here even if it's just to bore you with what I'm doing :)

Oh, and I wrote 45,000 words in 10 days about a week ago. Woot! And now I'm working on the next Ivy for those people who want to know. Bad news for Bella! I can't wait.

Till tomorrow!