Monday, June 29, 2009


Is here!! Or is here on the virtual bookshelf and my copies will arive probably tomrorrow or Wednesday. OMG I am so excited I could run and dance and laugh and scream. Actually I've done that already :) Will do again as soon as the books arrive!

You can go to Draumr's purchase page for the book buy clicking the cover to the right. It is also available at retail stores like B&N or online at Amazon.

Here's the blurb:

On the menu tonight: Fricasseed Waiter

It’s a recipe for disaster... Take one incurable womanizer Mix in one pregnant mistress and one delusional fiancee Add a dash of a chef gone haywire Stir in one newly assertive shop assistant Toss with an amateur sleuth who doesn't want to get involved and the love of her life who is in up to the tips of his spiky hair And garnish with a couple of detectives who are not amused

Serves one crazy, homicidal maniac

So Ivy is back and she's stellar, except for trying to kick both a nagging cold and the bad habit of always being in the middle of every Martha's Point murder. Unfortunately, they're both kicking her as she is harangued by her favorite chef to find out who torched his restaurant and one of his waiters along with it.

Ivy knows what she should do, but when has that ever stopped her from wading in? Only this time she could very well sacrifice everything FOR LOVE AND CHEESECAKE.


Go, buy, enjoy :) I hope that everyone has enjoyed this series and a hugely sincere thank you for those who have been with me from the beginning. I feel like my baby is moving out of the house.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Who Inspires You?

All right so first I have to say that anyone who can pull themselves away from the edge and thrive inspires me. Anyone who can pick themselves up out of a crappy life and make a new, fulfilling one for themselves also inspires me.

But since this is primarily a writing blog, I want to know who inspires you to write? I am inspired by people like Debbie Macomber who fought hard and long through rejections and dyslexia and using her grocery money for stamps for submissions to get where she is now. I'm inspired by women who do NOT give up. I'm inspired by Stephen King who eventually had to use a railroad spike to pin all his rejections to the wall because there were so many.

But another kind of inspiration is the kind that gets you reading. Or gets you writing in the first place. For me it was DAVID EDDINGS, who passed away last week. The world has lost a fine fine fantasy writer. He was 77 when he died on June 2 and he will be greatly missed. I had never heard of him and ended up picking up the first in his Belgariad Series at a used book store in high school. At the time I had NO MONEY so I got the rest from the library. But as soon as I did have money :) I went and bought them all. All the series, all the books. I read the one series every single year without fail. And every year I marvel at the way he brought everything together from book one to book thirteen (a codex of world building). He had humor and love and peril in every book. He had characters you wanted to hate but couldn't and those you should hate but you felt sorry for them and the choices they made. Unlovable characters you rooted for and perfect characters that you wanted to squash with your heel. He and his wife Leigh, who passed in 2007, got this girl to read when it had gone by the wayside in high school. And I devoured those books, still do. I would recommend them for nearly any age. Some of the jokes or scenarios might be over some kids' heads, but the enjoyment is still there.

David Eddings and his wife Leigh will always truly be my favorite authors. Their characters had depth and their sense of humor inspired me to use my own. Rest in peace David where you are probaby hanging out on Riva with Eriond.


Monday, June 01, 2009

The week is starting off right!

Just found out that my files for my new Ivy, For Love and Cheesecake, went to the printer today! Woo-hoo! It's all moving along so fantastically.

There is an interview up on Megan Hart's Wordpress blog with us talking about writing and various other fun things :) Check it out if you have a little time. Of course I totally said the wrong title for the book in the interview. Jeez! That is typical of me, so those who know me won't be surprised :)

Have a great week!