Monday, September 10, 2007

Yet Again! and cool contest!!!!!!

Yet again, I am a bad bad blogger. Sucks for me. But thank you to anyone who has still come back on any given day to see if I actually got off my butt and posted something new :)

My main reason for posting, beyond getting the freaking ball rolling again, is to show you a fantastic, FANTASTIC, new contest beign put on by my friend Megan Hart, author extraordinaire. You must run out and make a trailer for her book and it better be a good one. 'Cause she'd going to fondle a copy of Tempted for you and then sign it. PLUS she'll be doling out a $100 gift certificate for Amazon. HOLY FREAKING COW!!!! Run, don't dawdle and get started on a trailer. The rest of the details can be accessed through her website I'm going to try to put the video up but I don't know if that will actually work. Here goes: LOL.">