Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all those fathers out there - Thank you. Thank you for listening, for showing girls what to look for in a man, for explaining things that for years were just "man things" and we shouldn't worry our pretty heads about. Thank you for threatening boys who aren't good for us, for crying at our weddings, for giving us away even though it breaks your heart to let go. Thank you for being there no matter what, even if it's just to look on while mom holds us sobbing. Thank you for being real men who have dreams and goals of their own who let us know that it is important to follow our own.

I love my dad, Bob Labs - Thank you for choosing me.


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fantastic Saturday!

What's not to like about a day that starts out with super fantastic breakfast made with my three favorite ladies and two men? Mom, daughter and I at the stove stirring. Grandma finishing it up with the last egg stir. Dad and Husband helping out with the vittles.

Next up...CPRW meeting with my great chapter mates, excellent tips and discussion on editing techniques, lunch after with much talking.

And then daughter having a couple of friends over for a movie night, They're all in their PJs with their Build A Bears in PJs too. Pizza is on its way. Candy and snacks after. Everyone home at nine. And then I get to spend time with my husband who is finally - after three years - home on the weekends.

Super fantastic!

And my new story is going really well. Since next week is ballet recital week - aka Week from Hades in terms of out and about, doing fancy hair, applying makeup, remembering all clothes and which pair of tights go on first, where are your shoes? that is not supposed to fall off your costume is it? Where's your wonder under? LOL! But you know what? At the end, she is a beautiful dancer and shines up there. I know about having a passion to do something and her dance is her passion. How could I not support her in it?

But like I started that last paragraph... LOL!...Since next week is recital week, I know I'm not going to get much real writing done. So I'm still plotting and hoping that when it comes to the 12th, I will hit that starting gate so hard its head will spin :)